Moving tips

Moving is always an important time in life, it’s a time of change, of reorganisation, and sometimes the start of a new way of life too. So why not make it the best possible new start?

Planning your move is very important and it’s vital to plan it as far in advance as possible if you can. Choosing a ‘pivotal’ date when you need to be ready for the removal van to arrive is the first step and this will determine all the organisation beforehand. Once you have set your moving day, here are four tips to be efficient and to best prepare for your important day:

Organise your movers in advance:

What are you going to move and when? Only some of the contents of your home or all your belongings?

According to the volume that you are thinking of moving, you will need a sufficient number of extra hands to help you. If you’re counting on family or friends to lend you a helping hand, do bear in mind that people plan their weekly activities well in advance these days. As soon as you’ve selected a date, recruit your team without delay.

If you’re using a removal company, book their team at least 15 days in advance in order to ensure that they’re not busy on the day when you need to vacate your home for the new occupants. Our removal partners are ready to move your belongings when it suits you.

Be cautious when choosing a storage unit for your move.

As soon as you know the date of your move, contact your LOKABOX centre and go and see them to determine which self storage unit best meets your needs. It’s often difficult to estimate the ideal size of the self storage unit you will need for your temporary storage. On site, you’ll be given a lot of practical advice, information on the different sizes of self storage units available (also have a look at our online volume calculator), rates for self storage, companies in the area to rent a vehicle, etc…

Your self storage centre is a key source of information to prepare for your move! Choose a place that is properly secure in order to avoid any nasty surprises and most importantly, a dry and well-ventilated space. Your furniture is important to you, it would be a shame for it to get damaged due to unsuitable storage conditions.

If you want to make savings, give preference to places where you can do as much as possible yourself, without relying on the movers’ hourly rates. Don’t commit for too long a period, especially if you have a temporary storage situation which may only last a few months, prefer monthly contracts.

Choose the best transport solution to your self storage unit.

Transport to your storage unit
According to your budget and the type of home or degree of urgency, you can choose to work with a removal company team to transport your belongings, or hire a transport vehicle yourself.

As a guide, bear in mind that you can hire vans or removal lorries with a capacity of 21 m3 from some vehicle rental companies in the area with only a B (car) driving licence. This will allow you to make valuable savings. Allow for about €100/day for your utility vehicle + fuel and if applicable, the extra distance travelled. Remember to book your vehicle in advance as soon as you know the date of your move, particularly in the busy season (April-September).

If you’re using a removal company, they will generally offer you an hourly rate with 2-3 men and a van. In this case, prepare for your removal day as much as you can so that you can reduce the hourly rate as much as possible as the bill soon adds up.

Protect your belongings as much as possible during the move and when storing your furniture.

Remember to get removal blankets and straps for your furniture, this will prevent it from getting scratched or falling while it is being transported.

To store your items, choose ‘double corrugated’ moving boxes which are much stronger and can be stacked on top of each other more easily. (Use moving boxes with handles!).

Use a black marker to indicate the contents of each box on two opposite sides to be sure of finding a box in a pile of boxes when you need to find something very specific in your self storage unit.

To protect your most precious belongings, use several metres of bubble wrap or newspapers, this will prevent breakage as much as possible during transport.

You will certainly need more boxes than planned so be aware that prices charged can vary by up to 100 per cent for similar qualities of moving boxes.

Still have some questions? Our team is at your disposal to answer. Call us now at 0800 12 680.

Good luck with your move!
The Lokabox team.