Storage unit rental for personal use

Do you need space to protect a few things or store the complete contents of your home?
LOKABOX self-stockage offers individual storage spaces:

  • Individual
    Secret code and unique locking system for your furniture storage.
  • Secure
    24/7 video surveillance, guard service (G4S group), alarm system.
    Everything you need to know about security at Lokabox
  • With access 7/7
    Your access is free. You come as many times as you want.
  • Avec contrat flexible et sans engagement
    Nous vous offrons des contrats sans engagement et flexibles, sans préavis.
  • Of all size
    Several volumes are available in regards of what you must store.

How much does it cost ?

Have a look at our price list. You’ll get to know the price for each space available in our Lokabox centres.

See price per storage unit

Need a temporary space?

You absolutely must find a place to store a few things temporarily. You do not have an attic nor cellar at home.

Lokabox can help you by offering flexible, individual and secure storage units for rent.


Pack and protect your items

furniture to store

Go to your Lokabox center

centre self-stockage Lokabox

Store in your individual storage unit

centre self-stockage Lokabox

Your life is changing and you need space for storage ?

  • Missing space
    Simply get extra space by renting individual storage space.
  • Moving in or out
    Store your furniture at Lokabox while emptying one home and moving into another.
  • Interior work or renovation
    Protect your furniture and objects while you’re renovating your house. The space to renovate will be completely free and work will be completed sooner.
  • Travel or expatriation
    Store your belongings while traveling abroad for the short or long term.

Store, organize et safe space easily

LOKABOX meets your storage problems or needs of extra space for long or short term near you and give you an easy access to your belongings. At LOKABOX, you rent your storage unit for personal use according to the duration of your need. You can always find a LOKABOX centre near you in Belgium.

Making space at home has never been easier.

Choose the best storage unit for you

Our storage units at LOKABOX are suitable for every type of need. Whether you need a small or large volume, you can adapt your rental according to your storage needs. Discover our complete offer:

Find a storage space nearby ?

Have a look at the list of our storage unit size. Discover the price and discount available today.

Price and availability may vary from a region to another. First choose your location.

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