A garage for your goods? Rent a storage unit

Are you looking for a garage to store your furniture or belongings you do not need on a daily basis? Why don’t you rent an additional space with the assurance of security and conservation of your goods? Better than a garage, think about self-storage for your furniture.

Why renting a storage unit?

But why choosing a storage unit at Lokabox instead of renting a garage that usually costs a lot less?

    • A storage unit is as big as a garage but you will find at Lokabox, sizes adapted to your needs. If you have to temporarily store only a few things, we will find a suitable space for you and vice versa.
    • A storage unit is designed for the storage and protection of your objects or furniture. All our spaces are inside, away from cold and bad weather.
    • Video surveillance 24/7, unique and personal access code, guarding service, etc … Your goods are in a safe place!
    • Renting a self-storage unit is the guarantee to find your business back in good condition. Your box is individual and is accessible 7/7.
    • All our spaces are clean, dry and ventilated.

Choose secure storage

If you are in a hurry and are looking for a dry, clean and secure place to store your furniture, Lokabox can help you by offering storage spaces under video surveillance and with 100% flexible contracts.

There is no notice period at Lokabox. So you can free your space whenever you want! Isn’t it nice?

Load the things you need to store

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Store your items in you unit

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Why choosing a storage unit, not a garage?

With a storage unit, find your goods intact with our ventilated, clean and dry units. This is our guarantee.

In a garage, 9 times out of 10, your goods are damaged by moisture.

With our flexible contracts, without commitment without notice period, you leave when you want.

If you rent a garage, you are stuck with year-round contracts. Need space for 3 months? You pay 12!

Video surveillance 24/7, unique and personal access code, guarding service, etc … Your goods are in a safe place!

With a garage, there are risks of burglary

Lokabox is the favourite brand of Belgians

For many years, many families, individuals and professionals have chosen Lokabox for its quality, flexibility, safety and price and have enabled Lokabox to acquire its reputation and its status as a leader in its sector. Read our customers review.

Your advantages at LOKABOX ?

  • Your individual space
    With LOKABOX, you can rent a private, safe and secure room for the duration of your choice. Unlike garages and other furniture storage solutions, your self-storage is ventilated to protect your property from moisture and preserve it
  • Easy and free access
    Your storage space is accessible 7/7 with a PIN.
  • Security at the top
    At LOKABOX, your belongings are perfectly safe thanks to our 24-hour video surveillance and guarding service (G4S). The garages are often decrepit and do not provide this protection. Learn more about security.
  • Storage made easy
    All our boxes are easily accessible. On top of it, we provide trolleys so that you can easily transport your goods to your individual storage.

Need some space ? Better than a garage, rent a storage unit!

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