Privacy policy & legal

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Our company, concerned about your personal data and our relationship with our customers, prospects and partners aims to process your personal data in a transparent manner. This statement discusses your legal rights and obligations. Read this page carefully.

I. Notions

In the data processing policy below, the following concepts are encountered:

  • Personal data: any information concerning an identified or identifiable person (eg name, email address, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Processing: operation performed on personal data (collection, recording, storage, destruction, erasure, etc.)

II. Legal

Our company is hereby named Lokabox SA.
Our company is registered with the ECB under No. 0884.611.294.
Its registered office is at Jumet, Chaussée de Bruxelles, 151.
It has 4 operating offices:

  • in Jumet, Chaussée de Bruxelles, 151
  • in Alleur, Avenue du Progrès, 9
  • in Liège, Rue Saint-Vincent, 12
  • in Nivelles, Chaussée de Namur, 60

III. Our responsibility in the treatment

Our company is required to comply with the legal requirements for data processing for purposes that it determines itself. It is responsible for the processing of personal data including its customers, prospects or partners.

If you have any questions about the processing and use of your data, do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 071/256.133 or send us your request via the contact page.

IV. Which data is used ?

Our company processes your data for different purposes.
To identify you, contact you and serve you effectively, we collect the following data:

  • Lastname
  • Firstname
  • E-mail
  • Phone

Forms concerned:

We also use public data or data collected from third parties. These data may be public, for example, data relating to the directors of a company. You may also have decided to make public some of your data (on social networks for example).

Our company may also have to buy data from companies. These companies are responsible for the legitimate collection of the information they provide us. These data are used to perform direct marketing or to check the accuracy of the information in our possession.

Your personal interests for our products and services are stored in cookies which are then read when you visit our site. This is done anonymously, that is, you can not be identified.

If you do not want our company to collect, record and analyze information about your visit, you can at any time refuse it for the future (opt-out or withdrawal option). For technical reasons, an opt-out cookie can only be used with the browser in which it was installed. If you delete cookies or use another browser or device, you will need to activate the opt-out option again.

V. Legitimate interest

Our society must be able to function as a company. The European regulation on the protection of personal data speaks of “legitimate interest”. As a commercial enterprise a number of legitimate interests form the basis of the treatments we provide. We are committed to ensuring the quality of our services by balancing the impact that these treatments can have on privacy and the legitimate interests of any business.

If you have any objections to certain treatments, you can contact us. You can also exercise the rights that the regulations specific to the processing of personal data offers.

VI. Our subcontractors and our suppliers

For the execution of a number of operations we call on:

  • to suppliers
  • or to subcontractors (collaborating experts, accountant, collection companies, etc.)

We strive to engage reliable partners and suppliers with sufficient security to preserve our data and customer data.

Your data is stored:

  • on paper at our offices
  • on a hard drive at our offices
  • in a protected cloud (located in the EU)

VII. Customer rights and their exercise

The European Regulation provides customers and prospects with:

Right to consult data

You can consult the data we process about you. If you exercise this right of access, we will try to give you a picture as complete as possible about your data. However, some data could be deleted from our files. In the same way, some data stored on media to ensure backups may over time not allow us to render this data.

Right of rectification of data

You may request a correction of your data or to add some information to your data.

Right to object to a specific use

If you dispute how we treat your data based on its legitimate interests, you may object to a specific use. There are, however, cases in which we are required by law to process data.

Right to delete data

If you suspect inappropriate data processing, you may request this data to be deleted. There are, however, legal cases in which removal is not legally permitted.

Right to oppose automatic processing

You can oppose automated treatments. Contact us to determine how to best meet your request. Some treatments are indeed automated to better serve you.

For the exercise of these different rights, be precise in the request that you formulate and justify your identity.

Do you have questions, comments about the processing of your data? You can contact us by phone at 071/256.133 or send us your request via the contact page.