Self-Storage, how does it work ?

Are you interested in renting a storage unit for your furniture or your business? As an extra room outside your home, self-storage is a modern and practical solution for storing your furniture safely and get access to it whenever you want. LOKABOX gives you the keys to call self-storage for your space needs.

A storage solution for all in Belgium

LOKABOX is above all a self-storage SERVICE for companies or individuals. It allows you to rent an individual and secure space where you can store your personal items or your goods You have access to it when you want without appointment.

Do you think about renting a garage ?

Have a look at our article on the advantages of self-storage solutions compare to a garage rental.

How much does it costs ?

Have a look at our price list. You’ll get to know the price for each space available in our Lokabox centres.

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LOKABOX offers several self-storage centres where all storage units are secure and modern in the Walloon region.

Choose the closest centre to you to find and rent your storage space in a few clicks.

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  1. Choose the size of your unit

    Contact us at 0800 12 680 or use our online space calculator

  2. Finalise your contract

    GO to your LOKABOX center and get access to your unit in a few minutes

  3. Protect and wrap your goods

    You will find all the protection material in your center or online

  4. Store your goods in your unit

    Breathe, Your goods are safe

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The advantages of Self-Storage at LOKABOX?

  • Free access: unlike traditional storage companies that often charge for visits and require notification in advance when you need access to your storage site, LOKABOX offers you the maximum flexibility with free access to your stored items when you need it.
  • Security at all costs: Lokabox self-storage facilities provide their own security measures, including video surveillance and alarm systems, a security guard service. You will also be equipped with a unique security system for which you will be the sole holder for optimal security.
  • Your goods do not move: your self-storage unit will remain in its place and your objects will not be moved. No wooden or metal container. At LOKABOX, it is an extra room that you rent.

You do not know which space to choose? Use our space calculator to help you determine the volume you need.

History of Self-Storage

Although there is historical evidence of self-storage was accessible to the public in China (ancient), modern storage facilities (exclusive access to storage space) appeared in 1958 with the opening of Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale , Florida (founded by the Collum family). In the late 1960s, the first self-storage chains strictly speaking began to open in Texas.

Modern storage centres progressed slowly in the 1990s. During that decade, demand exceeded supply and caused an influx of new self-storage developments. From 2000 to 2005, more than 3,000 new facilities were built each year in America.

You don’t find the answer to your question about how self-storage works? See our FAQs for more information on self-storage at LOKABOX.

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