Self Storage space rental for your business

LOKABOX offers self-employed or businesses storage space which is:

  • Individual
    Access by PIN and unique locking system for your box.
  • Secure
    24/7 video surveillance, guard service (G4S group), alarm system.
  • Accessible 7/7
    Your storage box is available free of charge 7 days a week.

How much is it ?

Take a look at our price list. You’ll see the price for each space available in our self-storage centres.

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Rent a storage unit near your customers

Lokabox is pleased to help freelancers or companies that have storage difficulties due to lack of space.

Whether it’s for your stock, merchandising or unsold products, Lokabox offers flexible, individual and secure storage solutions. You can also store your archives, your equipment or office furniture.

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You get access 7j/7 to your unit

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Choose Lokabox for any type of storage:

  • Merchandise
    Whether it’s on pallet or in cardboard boxes, your goods will be safe in your storage unit, dry and protected from the cold.
  • Promotional materials
    Are you planning an event or launching a new product? You need space for your samples, advertising and visuals, etc. Store it in your storage space at Lokabox. All sizes are available.
  • Unsold stock, extra stock & sales
    No more place for your unsold or for the excess of stock that arrives a little before sales time? With Lokabox, you will find a suitable space and will be able to change size if the quantities to be stored were to increase or decrease.
  • Office furniture and equipment
    Temporarily store furniture and office equipment in a secure storage unit. For example, you can renovate your premises or organize the move of your company to another operating headquarters at your own pace.
  • Archives and paper documents
    Store it in a safe place, in one of our individual, dry, clean and ventilated spaces.

Warehouse rental: 4 reasons to choose LOKABOX

LOKABOX offers professionals flexible rental solutions with several advantages:

  • Security: private and secure spaces under 24/24 video surveillance and electronic control of the entrances and exits of our sites.
  • Quality service: indeed, we can receive your parcels and pallets
  • Comfort: pallet trucks, handling trucks and unloading docks.
  • Accessibility : easy access for truck maneuvers.

All size – you can transfer at anytime

Would your need change during your rental? Everything is under control, changing of your unit size is possible and extremely easy!
Use our space calculator if you want to find the space right for you

Personalized service for businesses

LOKABOX centres are “last generation” facilities with a complete package according to your company’s storage needs. Lokabox provides professionals with warehouse solutions for:

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Price and availability may vary from a region to another. First choose your location.

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