LOKABOX wins eminent Feefo award!

It is with great pride I can announce Lokabox won the Feefo Platinum Trusted Award. As a CEO there are many things to be proud of. Hiring a new employee, opening a brand-new store, reaching a predefined business goal, … However, I can’t stress enough the importance of people. People inside and outside the organisation, […]

Lokabox proudly presents 6th storage-centre in Forest

The beginning of the new year is great time to look back at what we did last year. We ended 2019 with the opening of our brand-new store in Brussels. This store, situated in Forest, will be our second centre located in Brussels and can be considered our flagship store. Earlier, in August 2019, we […]

Lokabox’s fifth centre officially opened in Zaventem with success

And we’re so proud of it. What an accomplishment for the whole team! After a construction site of 4 months, the first storage units have been installed in our brand new Lokabox store in Zaventem. This building of 4000m2 will soon host more than 500 units on 2 floors. Some new features specific to Zaventem […]

Top activities Belgium festival

Top activities to do in Belgium this summer (with or without children)

Are you staying in Belgium this summer? Well you know what? Me too 🙂 Yeah, I know, it might not make you feel better. But if you are short of idea to enjoy the good weather and the bad, I come to your rescue with my little list of fun activities to do with friends, […]

Come on darling, let’s pack our bags!

Youpie ya ya Youpie youpie yé Olé! Dear holiday friends, I can already see in your eyes the enthusiasm overflowing to the idea of closing the last files at work or writing your auto-reply! Youhou, the holidays are coming and they are well deserved, aren’t they? To allow you to fully enjoy your cocktail at […]

Have you chosen your bridal bouquet yet ?

Are you going to get married (again)? Great then! And a bit in advance: congratulations. Of course, I could talk to you about possible things that you and your darling might each have and the storage solutions Lokabox can offer in such a case. Well instead, as I’m in a spring mood, I’ll talk today […]

Sort your clothes the Marie Kondo Lokabox way

To you, dear storage fans, I would like to talk to you today about Marie Kondo, the famous queen of storage. You may have heard of her method of folding laundry and storing it in your cabinets. Frankly, it amazes me every time! This, for my part, it’s how I discovered her. So today, I […]

4 ideas for Easter activities

Are you enjoying your spring break? Perhaps you are slowly preparing for a family moment this Easter Monday with its highlight moment: the famous egg hunt, so much awaited by our toddlers. If we know that they will probably eat a little more chocolate than normal, why not consider a little activity around this famous […]

Rent a storage unit in a humorous way

Et bardaf, c’est l’embardée ! I don’t know what happen to me while writing this blog … Maybe I put to much ginger in my lemon water… In short, I had in mind the accent of M. Thoreau and the famous “Tadaaaaa, tadaaaaa, ting, ting, ting”. Can you hear it? So, you’re ready for reading this post […]

How to give new life to your stuff? Upcycle!

(A perfect subject before tomorrow’s march, isn’t it ?) And you will tell me, “Well, I’m already giving my objects a new life … I’m recycling!” Oh yes, but upcycling is not the same thing! Recycling When you take your cardborad out on Tuesday night on the sidewalk and the PMC on Wednesdays or you […]