Organize and store

How to organize storage space?

The organization of a small storage space requires planning skills.Whether you are a Tetris or puzzle fan or, on the contrary, distraught at the idea of optimizing the space, here are some practical advices and original ideas to make of your unit a space of Self-storage adapted to your needs. Lokabox shares its knowledge to maximize your space and tells you everything for you to see clearer (in your unit).

Identify your storage needs

If you store your belongings for a few and you don’t need to access your items, simply label clearly your moving boxes. This will make it easy to find your items in the blink of an eye. If you need to access your boxes regularly in your self-storage space, you need to think a little more and plan according to the boxes you need most often. Let us help you to see more clearly.

Follow the steps for an organized and convenient storage space:


First important step to do is sorting. Make stacks, heaps by gathering similar objects in the same corner. What is in the bathroom will go in the box “SDB” not “Kitchen”.

Always choose the same size of boxes

Again, you have to make a choice and stick to it because stacking boxes of the same size is much easier and much safer for the goods you are storing. Pick up boxes a bit everywhere is maybe more economical, but for the security of your goods, it is better to use quality equipment. The Lokabox self-storage centres offer a large choice of moving equipment and packaging. Ideal for storing, protecting and storing your items properly and safely.

Label your boxes

Indicate in large (very large) letters the part or the type of object on at least two sides of the cardboard. Use the other sides to write as many details as possible (you will thank me later). This is what will allow you to find much more easily and especially very quickly the objects that you have stored sometimes a few months maybe years before.

Store smartly

  • Start by storing in your space of self-storage from the back towards the front against one of the two side walls by placing the boxes to which you must access regularly preferably to the front.
  • Expose the “Label” faces to the outside.
  • Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom to stack the lightest in height.

Play Tetris with your furniture

Play Tetris
Store your furniture against the wall opposite to the “wall” of boxes leaving a corridor to allow easy access to both boxes and furniture. If you absolutely need the “corridor” space, place it the objects that are easy to move.

Save time

Implementing these tips can be tedious but saves you time and energy over the long term. You will avoid wasting hours searching for your stuff or storing and sorting items from unmarked and disorganized boxes. Imagine yourself breathing of relief by opening the right box to discover what you were looking at the first try.