Individual & secure

Safety First

Safety is one of our top priorities at Lokabox.

Protection and surveillance

Don’t worry because:

  • Once on site you are filmed by 12 different cameras on average
  • Our alarm system is monitored by an external security team
  • Light sensors are triggered by the slightest movement
  • All our sites are equipped with secured fencing
  • Access is only possible with a personal PIN code outside office hours
  • Each client has its own personal security lock for every individual storage unit

Strictly controlled access

Your personal access code can be used to get access to our Lokabox centres. It is both used to access the site and the building where your storage unit is located. Only customers who actually rent a storage unit can enter the premises outside office hours as well. This contributes to the safety because access will be denied if you do not belong. Of course, you are always welcome to drop by during office hours.

Your personal key

The definition of ‘self-storage’ is a system whereby individuals rent units of space within a large warehouse to store possessions. Hence, a storage unit is something very personal. Only you have the key with which you can enter your storage unit. Even our store managers don’t have a key to unlock your storage unit. Your key fits a customized cylinder lock which is currently the best system on the market. The lock is unique in its design and therefore more secure than an ordinary lock. You can buy your lock at Lokabox and use it again when you rent a storage unit from us later on.

Lokabox storage expert on site

Our Lokabox experts are present at our centres between 10am and 6pm. Our staff is specially trained to be attentive and to report suspicious behaviour.

Sleep on both ears

Putting in place safety measures is one thing. But it is at least as important to regularly question our current measures. That is exactly why we are constantly analysing the safety measures and try to enhance them where possible. In order to do so, we frequently call on external security consultants. We also work together with the police department and fire brigade who make sure our buildings are being inspected on a regular basis.