A Lokabox expert at your service

Our Lokabox experts are specialized in storage management. Their goal is to guide you in your quest for the right storage unit. Our experts have no difficulty in estimating the volume of your household contents. You can always count on their practical advice. You can get this advice on the spot, but also by phone or e-mail.

Our storage experts

A storage space is often needed at defining in life. These moments are often accompanied by stress, for example when renovating you home of when moving to a new house. Our store managers know these situations well, and they show understanding for them. We always treat our clients as individuals and look for the appropriate solution together.

You can count on us

In addition to helping you choose the right storage unit, we support you unconditionally during your move. You can store all your belongings safely. You can count on us!

How does Lokabox help you move carefree? We offer you:

  • Tailor-made advice so you can choose the right storage unit
  • Tips on stacking your belongings. We show you how to make the best use of your storage unit and protect your belongings
  • The best packing materials. Because certain things are better stored in specific moving material, protected with qualitative protection
  • Flexible solutions when you need to change storage units. It might be necessary to switch to a bigger or a smaller storage unit

It’s your life, protect it!

All your belongings are safely locked away when you rent a storage unit from Lokabox. Our store managers take care of their establishment with due care and strictly follow the security measures.